Nanny jobs in Paris and French major cities

Do you speak English and are you looking for a part-time babysitting job in the Paris area? Become a Nanny with Momji! Your mission as a Nanny: to look after children while passing on your love of foreign languages! 

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Momji in Paris

Momji's mission to share language skills began in Paris in 2009. 

Today, thousands of children benefit from our agency's services, and we are present in every city in the country and of course in Paris! 

Momji offers babysitting jobs to foreign speakers so if you are an English speaker in Paris and looking for the part-time job of your dreams, then come and discover Momji! 

Your mission at Momji:

Look after children in the Paris region and introduce them to English.  

For example, you could pick them up after school, prepare their snacks, play with them... all in English! 

The amount of time you devote to English will depend on your level and the family's requirements. What's more, you can choose a family who lives close to you, with hours that suit you. 

Momji's missions are therefore ideal alongside your studies or another activity. 

Being a nanny at Momji means:

Conditions to apply:

 Are you ready to join the movement in Paris? Check the following criteria and make sure you apply now

  • be at least 18 years old 
  • be an EU citizen or have the necessary visa to work in France 
  • plan to stay in France for a minimum of 3 months 
  • speak English if you have decided to do English childcare  

Momji in France