Babysitting on a regular basis in English or in French? What a wonderful job!


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  • Suzanne, 22 years old

    • English childcare

    "What I like about Momji is that I feel valued in what I do. When I see Hugo discovering new words in English, it makes me proud. What's more, I feel well supported by Momji team."

  • Anaïs, 19 years old

    • French childcare

    "My studies are sacred. Babysitting with Momji allows me to have a contract on the few available hours a week I can spare. And I have to say I loved their recruitment process. Within 48 hours, I already had a job!"

  • Kgalalelo, 22 years old

    • English childcare

    "I've always dreamt of living in Paris. When I arrived for my studies, a friend said to me, ‘There's a babysitting agency that can help you find a job 100% in English!’ That was a big plus for me."

  • Léa, 20 years old

    • French childcare

    "I needed a job to pay off my student loan. I had to choose between working in a fast-food restaurant or looking after children. I've never had so much fun while paying off my student debt!"

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