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Momji, my obvious choice for childcare!

With Momji I can choose between English and French childcare.

Momji is my nanny's employer and takes care of everything.

I'm saving money with the help of the CAF/MSA and the tax credit!

I have personalised assistance in my search for childcare.

Daily happy bonding!

  • Sarah, nanny of Solène - 6 years old

    • English childcare

    "At first, Solène would look at me with round eyes when I spoke English. But then we found our rhythm and today she spends her time singing nursery rhymes in English."

  • Juliette, nanny of Lana - 2 years old

    • French childcare

    "When I pick Lana up from nursery, she immediately recognises me and jumps into my arms. It's so cute! Then we go home and read stories about funny animals - her favourites!"

  • Inès, nanny of Léo - 3 years old

    • English childcare

    "Léo's favourite game is “Show me something...” and I say a colour. He's learnt so much that as soon as his parents come home, he's so proud to show them what he's done!"

  • Marnia, nanny of Alice and Hugo - 5 and 7 years old

    • French childcare

    "Looking after siblings takes imagination, especially getting them to agree! While Alice helps me bake cookies, Hugo does his poetry drawing and then the three of us play a game."

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Four steps for a nanny!

  • 1

    Evaluating my childcare needs

    English or French childcare, number of hours per week... I refine my expectations to estimate my budget. 

  • 2

    Launching my search

    My advisor selects my future nanny leaving nothing to chance. 

  • 3

    Meeting my nanny

    A meeting is arranged with my nanny. I validate her profile!
  • 4

    Starting my childcare with peace of mind

    That's it, childcare can begin and I know that my children are safe as soon as they leave school or nursery.

A rewarding and fulfilling job!

With Momji, in English or French childcare, I can find a job quickly and get lots of advantages.

A guaranteed salary every month

Hours adapted to my schedule

A job close to home

A secure work contract

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