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School pick up

Ever had to rush out of the office to pick up your children at 4.30pm? Our ‘after school’ solution is just what you need to stay relaxed.  

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A custom made program

The bell rings at the end of your children's day, and your Momji nanny steps in. Whether you've chosen English or French childcare, she'll be there to look after your little ones until you get home. What's on the agenda? Snacks, games, homework, baths, meals... it's up to you.    



It’s English time!

Are you interested in childcare in English? From a simple introduction to English to full immersion, your English-speaking nanny will adapt to your expectations and your children's pace. Learning a language naturally means making the most of every moment. So over a snack, let's talk about the school day. We're sure that when you get home your children will have a thousand things to tell you. ‘I had so much fun with Louise today! 


End of days full of fun

Do you prefer French childcare? After a well-deserved afternoon snack, your little schoolchild will have plenty to do with his or her nanny. Board games, Lego building, arts and crafts... your nanny will follow your child's rhythm to create a special time together. 


Budget example for childcare in English

Alice (3) and Gabriel (5) have a nanny who looks after them 20 hours a month after school. She introduces them smoothly to English using activities adapted to their age.

Monthly budget of Alice and Gabriel's parents Paris 14th arrondissement

20h/month x €35.78 incl. €694

(€32.53 HT) (1) (€630.81 HT)

Assistance from CAF/MSA(2) - €350.40

Monthly cost before tax credit€343.60

Tax credit(3)- €171.80

Monthly cost including tax after tax credit €171.80

Net cost per hour of childcare€8.59


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That’s what you say!

  • Julien, father of Léa - 7 years old

    • English childcare

    "For me, it's impossible to leave the office early. So Sarah collects my daughter at 4.30pm. And what I think is great about Momji is that Léa has been introduced to English. When she says: ‘Can I help you?’ in English to prepare dinner, I melt!"

  • Stéphanie, mum of Noé - 4 years old

    • French childcare

    "Since I've been using Momji, my mental load has lightened. I no longer have to stress about picking up my son and getting through the ‘snack/bath/dinner’ routine. Thanks to Charlotte, I've been able to complete my paperwork and go home to Noé with peace of mind!"

  • Oriane, mum of Fanny - 8 years old

    • English childcare

    "Fanny is at an age where I think it's great that she's starting to learn a new language. So childcare in English just seemed like the perfect thing to do! And as it's all about playing, I can see that she's really enjoying going back to her nanny after school."

  • Florence, mum of Charlotte - 5 years old

    • French childcare

    "I went back to work last year so I absolutely had to find someone to pick up my daughter. We've got a great nanny who loves doing arts and crafts. With Charlotte, they've really found each other!"

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