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No worry home office

Working from home with children is no walk in the park. No more juggling between a video and preparing a snack, our “Home office” solution frees your mind.  


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Work with complete peace of mind

You can't interrupt your day at 4:30 pm to pick up your children and look after them. Momji takes over and gives you the choice of English or French childcare. Your little ones will be too busy playing with their nanny to bother you in the middle of a meeting. And if your telecommuting days fluctuate, no problem - she'll adapt.  



Do not disturb!

With activities rooted in everyday life, your little one learns English without realizing it. How are you today? I'm happy/tired/excited! With this question, they'll discover lots of new words to express their inner weather. Captivated by the activities, they even forget you're there.   


A whole range of ideas

While you're finishing your day's work, your nanny is multiplying activities with your little ones. Whether it's a walk in the park, baking a cake or playing a board game, she'll make sure they have a good time after their day at school or daycare.   


Budget example for childcare in English

Alice (3) and Gabriel (5) have a nanny who looks after them 20 hours a month after school. She introduces them smoothly to English using activities adapted to their age.

Monthly budget of Alice and Gabriel's parents Paris 14th arrondissement

20h/month x €35.78 incl. VAT €694 excl. 

(€32.53 HT) (1) (€630.81 HT) 

Assistance from CAF/MSA(2) - €350.40

Monthly cost before tax credit€343.60 VAT included 

Tax credit (3)- €171.80

Monthly cost including tax after tax credit€171.80

Net cost per hour of childcare€8.59


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  • Sarah, mom of Valentine - 5 years old

    • French childcare

    "I work a lot at home. I didn't want to leave Val in front of the TV to keep the peace. Hiring a nanny means that my daughter can enjoy the rest of the day, while giving me peace of mind."

  • Yun-Mi, mom of Ethan - 4 years old

    • English childcare

    "The day my son arrived in the middle of a video conference call, while we were talking budget with my director, I knew it wasn't going to work. Having an English-speaking nanny is great! Ethan is so absorbed in these English games that he forgets I'm there!"

  • Ana, mom of Manuel - 2 and half years old

    • French childcare

    "Inevitably, Manuel doesn't understand that I don't look after him if I'm there! But thanks to Sylvie's presence, he knows that Mum works and that the stickers are with his nanny (and not on my files!)"

  • Will, dad of Mia - 7 years old

    • English childcare

    "I'm a freelancer for an American newspaper. I like that Mia is looked after in English. It allows her to speak my language with someone other than me. And when I'm writing an article, she's busy with her nanny so it's perfect."

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